Roofing Repairs


We know at Cestria Roofing getting a Full Roof Renovation isn't always an option; that is why we have collectively devised a variety of very affordable Roof Repair packages which are designed to work around you and your budget. 

If the services we offer don't make much sense to you, dont worry! Our fully competent Surveyors will walk you through the differences of each job in depth.

All services are also offered individually on a £ (x) p/m2 or £ (x) p/ml basis.

Basic Roof Repair

This is a basic maintenance job which keeps your roof watertight and fixes any basic problems throughout:

  • Tile/Slate repairs (1/m2)
  • Rake and Re-point Cement work
  • Patch Felting
  • Lead Re-pointing
  • Gutter Unblock and Clean

Full Roof Repair

This is a full repair job which solidifies your roof with new materials:

  • All Tile/Slate repairs (inc. Ridges)
  • Full Re-bedding of Ridge
  • Full Rake and Re-point of Verge
  • Full Rake and Re-point of Valley* (if applicable)
  • Full Guttering Repair (ie. Snapped Brackets or Broken Downpipes)
  • Full Chimney Re-point
  • New Leadwork (3 m/L)

Premium Roof Repair (Maintenance Free)

This option makes sure your roof is a strong, affordable alternative to a full renovation. It includes the latest Building Regulated systems installed and comes with a 10 year company guarantee.

  • All Tile/Slate repairs
  • Dry Ridge System installation
  • Dry Verge System installation
  • Full Integrated Eave Protection System installation
  • Fibre Glass Dry Valley installation* (if applicable)
  • Full Chimney Re-point 
  • New Leadwork (10 m/L)
  • Gutter Repairs

Flat Roofing Repair

Our Specialist Flat Roofing Team here at Cestria Roofing are committed to giving your the best results with their carefully thought out Repair Package:

  • Full Patch Work of vulnerable areas
  • Upstand Replacement
  • Drip/Flashing Replacement
  • Full Re-pointing work around area

How we work the prices?

Our prices are generated initially by using feedback from you, The Customer. Then our 25 years experience in the trade comes into play to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Prices are worked out based on the size of your property. Bundle packages are discounted at the end so that every customer is equally receiving the same service.

(Example - 52m2 Roof = £900 - 10% = £810

82m2 Roof = £1200 - 10% =  £1080) This does not represent our Prices or Discount. 

If your roof doesn't require all services included, prices will be worked out individually and lowest price will be recognised and agreed. This will be fully discussed with your Surveyor.

Still got questions? Give us a call or message today to see how we can help you.

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