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Its just a Roof...


The last thing on anyone's mind is their roof, we know this. There's hundreds of other things to worry about in life than pulling money out for a new roof. Unfortunately for everyone, there comes a point in your life (and your roofs) where it must be done. Roofs take an unmeasurable amount of punishment when it comes to British weather, ranging from Arctic Blasts, which we're all too well familiar with, to blistering temperatures through those rare British heatwaves. Roofing materials in the UK are up there with the best and the durability of our tiles and slates are very impressive, however they are not indestructible. 

Repair work can only take you so far in protecting your home, its great for saving money in the short term but as time goes on, more and more repair work is required which works up quite the cost. Eventually this repair work ceases to serve any purpose and you will be paying money to contractors just to delay the inevitable. 

Now it's not all doom and gloom, research shows that a new roof can increase the market value of your property to around 10%, meaning the small investment you make into protecting your biggest asset can potentially make you financially better off; also having your roof renovated will increase the Energy Efficiency of your home greatly. Around 75% of heat from your home is lost through your roof through bad insulation and poor roofing materials.


Smart Investing


Here at Cestria Roofing we believe that having a Roof Renovation is one of the smartest decisions anyone can make. The roofing market is thriving at present due to the extremely modernised systems which are being installed. People are now only having to get their roof done once and then never having to think about maintaining it again for 30-40 years, saving homeowners and landlords thousands of pounds in the process. 

The kerb appeal of such renovations are breathtaking and can really bring your home to life. Cestria Roofing insists you review all possible customisations and options you have when choosing your new roof; this includes type of Slate/Tile design, Contrasting Roof options, Angled or Round Ridge and many more possible extras.

The Future


Long gone are the days of using cement to stick Ridges on top of your roof, and long gone are the days of having to pick up bits of mortar falling from your Verges by the side of your house. 

Mechanically installed Dry Systems are the way forward. Not only do they not require mortar, but are manufactured to be fully ventilated and shock absorbent; allowing your roof to breathe and not be disturbed by busy roads or train tracks. Cestria Roofing are specialists when it comes to Dry System Installations and making sure your roof remains Maintenance and Stress Free.

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Don't roll the dice!

Not everyone wants to sell their home, for some, this is your forever home. So the most important  direction to take is securing the integrity of your property. Here at Cestria Roofing we've learned that ignoring a lifeless roof can amass to a catastrophic amount of internal damage.

  • Structural decay causing irreversible damage and even potential collapse of your spas and purlins (roof structure).  (If this happens a roof will not be safe to install and full structural re-works will need to be carried out before roofing works are to be commenced £££)
  • Water ingress into your property leading to Damp and Mould throughout your home which causes a serious health risk and should NOT be ignored.
  • Brickwork decay will eventually occur leaving you with a very expensive problem on your hands


Building Regulations

When renovating over 50% of your roof area, you are required to go through Building Regulations. As part of our service to you, this part will be completely stress free. We'll take care of the paperwork, the phone calls and of course the application fees!


Why Cestria Roofing?

We know getting renovations to your roof can be daunting and stressful, but don't worry,  you're in safe hands. We pride ourselves on our service to our customers and want you to feel relaxed throughout your journey with us. Your project is as important to us as it is to you and we want to make sure everything is perfect. 

Our prices are extremely competitive and are based on a £p/m2 basis. This is universal for all of our customers which you will be able to see for yourself in our company brochure. We are completely transparent with our business and will walk you through step-by-step where your money is going to. As part of our customer promise we know keeping you updated every step of the way is what you want. You will never be left in the dark and will always be updated when work will start and finish. We include an Aftercare Service to all our Customers which includes Inspection Work, Feedback Visits and Annual Warranty Checks to ensure our work has delivered on our promise to you. Our professional Customer Service team are on standby to hear any questions or concerns you may wish to express and are fully engaged in helping you find a solution.

Allow our team to professionally guide you into protecting your biggest asset, your home.

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