Eave Development


What are Eaves?

Your Eaves (bottom of roof) have an extremely important role to play when keeping your Roof secure.  It provides two functions – it protects the walls of the building from rain and sun and collects the rainwater run-off from the roof to discharge it to the gutter. The eave is also the location for roof ventilation components, which are used to direct air over the wall plate and insulation and into the roof or batten space . 


What can go wrong?

Eaves installed prior to 2000 have been left extremely vulnerable as there is no measures in place to protect the materials covering your roofline, other than felt.

This in time, due to the constant battering of UK weather throughout the seasons, causes felt membrane to decay which then reclines into your Soffits and inevitably allows water ingress. This WILL cause damage to timber work with rotted Fascias and Soffits a common occurrence.

If the problem is left ignored, damage to your structural framework will be inevitable;

Roof Truss Damage  will weaken the integrity of your roof which will cause beveling and potential collapse.

Internal Damage will cause Plaster decay and extreme damp and Mold; this then becomes a serious health concern. which should NOT be ignored.


How can we fix your Eaves?

Integrated Eave Protection System

This state of the art ventilated protection system is manufactured to the highest quality. A mix between Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and PVC allow this system to withstand the harshest of environments. Not only will it never decay which stops any water ingress from occurring, but it will fully ventilate your soffit space to prevent any further rot or damage to your Eaves. Cestria Roofing only use the highest quality of materials and these are mechanically installed onto your roof by our fully qualified fitters and then covered over using the highest quality 162g  Breathable Membrane which prevents your roof from sweating. Our BWF Approved Grade A 2x1  Roof Batons are then fitted, ensuring ultimate security and peace of mind that you wont have to worry about again.

This product is fitted standard with all our Full Refurbishment work.

10 year company guarantee applies to this product. 

30 year manufacturers guarantee.