Maintenance Free Dry Systems

What are Dry Systems?

The modernly innovated Dry Systems are a mechanically installed waterproofing system designed to prevent water ingress and allow improved ventilation throughout your roof space. They are now a formal requirement of Building Regulations BS5534 and are fitted as standard on all New Build Developments. Dry systems completely expel the need for cement and having a full system installed makes your roof virtually maintenance free. Cestria Roofing always install brand new materials with this system, (ie. New Ridge, Hip and Timbers). We'll always advise having these systems installed as it is an immensely cost efficient way of securing your roof perimeter.


  • Mechanically installed ensuring complete security and durability
  • Ventilated throughout allowing your roof to breathe which prevent rot and nail sickness
  • Do not move with vibrations from near-by roads or train tracks
  • Cost efficient as no more regular Cement Work is needed 
  • Ultimate Kerb Appeal as it brings your roof to life with it's modern, sleek look that stands out from the rest.

All our Dry System Packages come with a 10 year company warranty and 30 year manufacturers warranty

Our Systems


Dry Ridge

Our Dry Ridge Systems are installed on the apex of your roof (Top) and along the junctions between two sloping roof faces (Hips) (See picture).  These are installed mechanically using, stainless steel screws which attach waterproof clamps between the joints of every ridge tile; we install brand new timber along your ridge line as standard which effectively enhances the security of the system. A waterproof mesh carpet is fitted directly beneath your ridge to allow additional ventilation and waterproofing.  Additional 'Hip Support Trays' are installed as standard to your Hip to allow precision water flow and support of your Hip Ridge.

This is the most cost efficient and securest option when it comes to maintaining your roof perimeter as it requires zero maintenance  


Dry Verge

A Dry Verge System is a mechanically installed water proof system made up of uPVC which is fixed directly to your roof structure. It can be installed to traditional interlocking roof tiles or even slates using a Continuous Linear System. The system requires no maintenance as it cancels out the need for cement. It is completely windproof and pest-proof, ensuring your roof perimeter is stable and secure whilst looking sleek and attractive at the same time.


GRP Valley

GRP Valleys (Fibre Glass) are a cost efficient alternative to your traditional Lead and Zinc valley systems. They are designed to join two separate faces of your roof together whilst maintaining complete water tightness. GRP valleys can be installed so that your roof faces are practically touching one another, to some this is more cosmetically pleasing on the eye. They require no maintenance and have a life expectancy of around 30 years. 

Your Valleys are one of the most vulnerable systems on your roof due to the direction of water flow from your tiles, having them regularly maintained is vital to the health of your roof!

To see how we can help you go Dry, speak to one of our friendly team members at Cestria Roofing.

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