Cement Work


Where can I find Cement on my Roof?

Look around at the roofs in your area and chances are you'll see the fair majority will have cement somewhere on them. Cement work, or in other terms "wet work" is what holds certain systems in place on your roof to prevent water ingress. Cement is great for securing Ridge on the the top of your roof or ensuring protection along your Verge (side). Cement is used in other important areas of your roof also; such as your Valleys, Chimney Stacks, Abutments and even sometimes your Roof Flashings, otherwise known as 'Fillets'.  



Unfortunately, like most things, "wet work" requires looking after. Having these areas regularly maintained is extremely important as it eliminates certain risks:

  • Water Ingress
  • Falling Ridge and Hip Ridge
  • Falling Mortar Debris
  • Blocked and Snapped Gutter
  • Cracked Tiles/Slate


We can help!

Cestria Roofing offer different options when it comes to Cement Maintenance, all of which are worked around you and your budget. So if it's just simple patch work you require or a Full Rake and Re-bedding, we've got you covered. We're that confident our Cement Work is that brilliant we offer a 12 month guarantee just to give you peace of mind.

12 month warranty applies to all Cement Work

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